The Babel Guides

The Babel Guides are an expanding series of pocket reference works to what’s available in English from the literatures of the world for a non-specialist audience. Essential for public and academic libraries, students and general readers who want to expand their literary horizons.

General Info

A new series of illustrated guides to world fiction available in English translation. You can scan different literatures according to your own tastes.

Each guide has 100-odd original reviews of books by authors available in English, each review an enjoyable ‘trailer’ for the book with an excerpt as a taster.

At the back is a complete database of all fiction translated into English since 1948, with original titles, publication year, translators etc.

The Babel Guide to Welsh Fiction

100 of the nation’s greatest, liveliest books from Welsh and English reviewed and presented in an accessible format, a marvellous introduction to a great European literature.

A nation with two literary languages but one soul that speaks passionately through its writers — here is the guide to the modern literary scene covering circa 100 works that sum up the currents and corners of Welsh life from the 1920s to the present. This little book puts the lot at your fingertips.

Comments on the Babel Guide series

“easy and enjoyable”
Times Literary Supplement

“intelligent, comprehensible and entertaining”
Library Review

“illuminating and detailed analysis”
The European Bookseller

“user-friendly and reader-tempting”
The Observer

“lap up this new series”
The Guardian
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